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Review of the Short Vort Haggadah The Short Vort Haggadah, Ha’Od Avi Chai, authored by David Goodman, with its intriguing front cover and enchanting interior layout and design prepares the reader for a most elevating, stimulating and informative experience. The multifarious facets of this particular Haggadah make it stand out as novel and unique. The host is provided with a dazzling array of short sharp and fascinating explanations to delight his guests, garnered from an incredibly wide spectrum of Jewish teachings, thought and philosophy, from the times of the Rishonim through to the days of the Lithuanian Torah giants and the saintly Chassidic Rebbes, up and till present day teachers and thinkers. The father is offered wonderful stimulating thoughts and clever Remazim, to captivate his children throughout the Seder, (not to exclude the adults as well) and the guest is allowed, when he has a spare moment, to cast his eye on fascinating insights, giving him also the opportunity to contribute to the Seder. He is also led very eloquently through the various laws and customs of the Seder, enabling one to be fully converse with the proceedings. David has captured the brilliance and depth of generations of propounders of our Heritage and guarantees interest and fascination throughout the night. I strongly suggest that one obtains two copies of the David Goodman Haggadah [I call it that as the numerical value of David Goodman in Hebrew is actually the same as the numerical value of the name of book Ha,Od Avi Chai (with the Collel)], one for Seder night and one to enjoy the whole year round with your chametz, learning about the profound significance of the Seder night and the birth of the Jewish nation. I’ll end with a quote from my father, Rabbi Hool, the former Rav of Kingsbury, who on a recent visit to Israel was browsing through my copy (the chametz one), and exclaimed ‘It is excellent. The Bibliography alone is worth its weight in gold!’ Rabbi Alexander Hool, Ponnevitch Kollel Rabbi Alexander Hool was raised in Kingsbury, London where his father served as the Rav. He studied at Gateshead Yeshivah and then moved to Ponevetch in Bnei Brak, where he has continued learning in the yeshivah and then kollel. An eminent scholar, he has developed a particular expertise in history, dating, mathematics, and other unique and intriguing subjects. He has authored many books which can be found on many websites for sale.